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Support Human Rights in Zimbabwe

The situation in Zimbabwe used to get wide coverage. Now it gets much less. Is this because the situation there has improved? Regrettably, no. Human rights continue to be violated. Freedom of assembly, association and expression curtailed. Itai Dzamara, a prominent Zimbabwean human rights activist and journalist was abducted in broad daylight from a barber shop in Harare on 9 March 2015. He has not been seen since.

We want to produce our Zimbabwe Update on a more regular basis to ensure the human rights, economic and political situations in Zimbabwe get more coverage.

We want to be able to maintain our work in support of meeting needs and improving the situation of women in Zimbabwe.

We engage in policy and advocacy work on Zimbabwe focusing on the UK government and the EU. 

To continue and increase this work, particularly in the light of the reduced focus by the mainstream media on Zimbabwe, we need your support.

Please donate 30, or as much as you can today, and help us bring justice to Zimbabwe.

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