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ACTSA was established in 1994 as the successor organisation to the Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM) in response to the changed context of Southern Africa.

Some of ACTSA’s key achievements since 1994:

Helped secure £7.5 million in compensation for asbestos sufferers in southern Africa.

Supported the people of Zimbabwe in their struggle for rights and development.

Campaigned against poverty, denial of rights and for political freedom in Swaziland.

Delivered over seven million sanitary products to women in Zimbabwe as part of our Dignity! Period. Campaign.

Promoted gender equality and the advancement of women throughout southern Africa.

Successfully supported Zambia getting millions more in increased revenue from mining companies operating in the country.

What does ACTSA do?

Works to eradicate poverty, support rights, equality and sustainable development across Southern Africa.

Informs and educates; provide information and analysis on southern Africa.

Helps improve women’s rights in southern Africa, particularly in Zimbabwe and Swaziland.

Campaigns for those suffering from poverty, gross inequality and injustice caused by apartheid.

For more information about all of our current work please visit our Campaigns page, and for more information about ACTSA’s history please visit our History page.

As part of our work we collaborate with a number of other organisations in areas of development and equality. We are currently members of :

"And so we warmly welcome the transformation of the Anti-Apartheid Movement to Action for Southern Africa."
Nelson Mandela


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