ACTSA  Action for Southern Africa Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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The Team

ACTSA consists of a small dedicated team of employees and volunteers.

  • Tony Dykes - Director

  • Sunit Bagree - Senior Campaigns Officer
  • Joe Murray - Fundraising and Communications Officer
  • Jacob Okere - Finance and Admin Officer

For details on our campaigns please email For all other enquiries email


Our National Executive Council helps determine ACTSA's Strategy and Programme of work and supports our campaigns throughout the year.

Our NEC is elected at our annual AGM. All nominees must:

  • be an individual member

  • be nominated by another ACTSA member or affiliate

If you are interested in standing for the ACTSA NEC please contact us for more details.


  • Chitra Karve- Chair
  • Maggie Paterson - Vice-Chair
  • Ben Whittaker - Vice-Chair
  • Suresh Kamath - Treasurer
  • Simon Bennett
  • Jan Clements
  • Jenny Duncan
  • Beulah East
  • Christabel Gurney
  • Donna Guthrie
  • Zita Holbourne
  • David Kenvyn
  • Lela Kogbara
  • Munir Malik
  • Kevin O'Grady
  • Dave Spurgeon
  • Pia Westin
  • Bob Newland
  • Samantha Steele
  • Malia Bouattia

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