ACTSA – Action for Southern Africa Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Over a third of the world’s population who are HIV positive live in southern Africa. The nine countries with the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world are in the region. ACTSA calls for support of the region’s efforts to tackle the pandemic.

Since the first case was identified 30 years ago, 30 million people have died as a result of AIDS. But, as this short film shows incredible advances in science made this year mean that for the first time we can speak credibly about bringing an end to AIDS.

We need your help to make sure our leaders grasp this chance. Ask David Cameron to declare his commitment to bringing an end to AIDS.

Take action on AIDS

In the last 30 years AIDS has destroyed the lives of millions of people in southern Africa, but this year groundbreaking research in South Africa proved that we could end AIDS in a generation, simply by increasing access to treatment.

Rather than increasing treatment, world leaders have failed to give what they promised to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, forcing it to cancel new programmes until 2014. Many lives will be lost as people wait for new funding for treatment.

We want David Cameron to deliver his government’s promise of a ‘significant increase’ to the Global Fund and get other leaders to do the same.

Email the Prime Minister now and call for an end to AIDS in a generation

Donate to ACTSA’s latest appeal HIV: Funding now to save lives

ACTSA has produced 'HIV/AIDS in southern Africa' a briefing looking at the progress made in fighting the pandemic as well as the ongoing challenges.


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