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ACTSA is working to help bring about a fair,  prosperous and equal Zimbabwe. We work in solidarity with the trade union movement and wider civil society for justice, rights and development for all Zimbabweans.

Mcdonald Lewinika, Director of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, addresses ACTSA Conference 'Southern Africa: Human Rights and Development'. November 2013.

Article: After elections what next? Mcdonald Lewinika, Director, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition

ACTSA is calling for:

  • An end to human rights violations.

  • The right of Zimbabwean people to shape the country’s new constitution.

  • International support to rebuild and develop Zimbabwe based on clear evidence of the restoration of legitimate governance and human rights before aid to the government is resumed. 

  • European targeted measures against those involved in human rights violations to be retained until our Zimbabwean and southern Africa partners advise otherwise.

  • Zimbabweans in Britain to have the right to work and education and to be able to return to Zimbabwe without loss of status in Britain.

ACTSA’s position on Zimbabwe is based on its values and objectives and on its history in the struggle against apartheid and for human rights and development for Southern Africa.

Take Action

Itai Dzamara, a prominent human rights activist, was abducted in broad daylight on 9 March 2015.

Email the Charge d'Affaires at the Embassy of Zimbabwe, and urge him to use his influence so that the Government of Zimbabwe takes all necessary measures to find him.

You can keep up to date on ACTSA's work on Zimbabwe as well as the situation in the country with our monthly Zimbabwe Update.

Working together

ACTSA keeps in close touch with our partners in Zimbabwe, responding to calls for action and working to increase public awareness of the situation. We work with a broad range of civil society organisations in the country, including the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) and the Zimbabwe National Union of Students (ZINASU).

ACTSA works with the ZCTU and British TUC to build solidarity and links between trade unions in Britain and Zimbabwe. We are a member of the Zimbabwe European Network (ZEN), a broad coalition of European organisations who want to see positive transformation in Zimbabwe. You can sign up for the bi-weekly newsletter here.

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