ACTSA – Action for Southern Africa Friday, March 23, 2018

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Who is ACTSA?
We are a campaigning organisation working for rights, equality and development in Southern Africa. We work in solidarity with local groups and are democratically led by our National Executive Council (NEC), who are elected at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

What do you do?
We support the development of Southern Africa.  We work with the people of Southern Africa to achieve a region free of poverty, with rights and equality for all. We inform, educate, advocate and campaign. We build solidarity between Britain and Southern Africa.

Does ACTSA support any political party?

ACTSA is not aligned to any political party, nor can any national political party affiliate to us. We do however advocate for human rights and democracy in all Southern African countries through free and fair elections. We work closely with the international labour movement and promote human rights for all people, regardless of their political allegiances.

Is ACTSA a registered charity?
At our 2011 AGM it was agreed that ACTSA should apply for charitable status.  In 2006 charity law changed, and the advancement of human rights is now an accepted charitable object.  If ACTSA is successful in its application, it will continue as a campaigning organisation.

How is ACTSA funded?
We are a membership-based organisation, funded by our members, supporters and affiliated organisations. Sometimes we also apply for money through various bodies and organisations, and seek sponsorship for our events. Please see our get involved section if you would like to find out more.

How is ACTSA run?
We are a democratically run organisation accountable to our National Executive Committee (NEC) who employs a small team of dedicated staff and interns to carry out the work and run the organisation on a day to day basis. We are governed by a constitution and set of standing orders and we have partners across the UK and southern Africa which shape our agenda and inform our campaigns.

How can I become a member of the NEC?

The ACTSA National Executive Council (NEC) meets six times a year to oversee our political directions, staffing and finances. You must be an individual member and be nominated by another to be considered. For more information please read the Team section or contact ACTSA.

How can I get involved with the AGM?
Our sovereign body is the Annual General Meeting which meets in November each year to decide on our strategy for the year ahead and to elect our National Executive Council. You must be a member or affiliate to attend.

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