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Football and Freedom

Exploring South Africa's History, Culture and Context

The Football and Freedom learning pack is designed for teachers to use children’s interest in football to explore South Africa’s history, culture and context. It is packed with activities aimed at 9-14 year olds which address many elements of the National Curriculum.

Originally developed for World Cup 2010, Football and Freedom has been revised and updated for a post World Cup South Africa.

Football fan culture, carbon footprints and issues of equal opportunity, discrimination and human rights are covered. Football and Freedom also encourages schools to develop a longer term interest in South Africa through twinning.

This pack was put together with the help of several organisations and people with a passion for South Africa, football, learning and teaching.
From Christine Blower, General Secretary, NUT and Tony Dykes, Director, ACTSA.
Chapter 1
Key facts and information about South Africa, a list of key dates and a timeline of South Africa and South African football.
Chapter 2
Getting to know South Africa

Pupils undertake research, play games, carry out a series of simple tasks and plan a footballer’s diet to build their knowledge and understanding of South African culture and history.
Chapter 3
Fan culture

Pupils learn about the similarities and differences between the UK and South African cultures as they explore football fan culture through language, art, music and writing. Language activity 5.
Chapter 4
Life in the new South Africa

Research, design and role play activities based on present day South Africa enable pupils to learn about human rights, equality and global concepts both within the South African context and more broadly.
Chapter 5
World Cup venues

Pupils learn about football stadiums, calculate travel distances to matches and look at carbon footprints as they go on a journey to discover South Africa.
Chapter 6
Linking to a school in South Africa

How to organise a successful school link with a school in South Africa is provided to promote pupils’ ongoing learning about South Africa and the global dimension.
Other helpful resources on South Africa
Other helpful resources on South Africa.
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Timeline of South African History and Football
This comprehensive timeline places events in football in South Africa side by side with the social and political history of South Africa. It relates to activity one in Chapter 2 and background information in Chapter 1. The timeline also includes links to other classroom activities.
Football and Freedom pack

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