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Zimbabwe Update
ACTSA produces a regular update on the current affairs and news from Zimbabwe. We look at the political, economic, human rights and development issues facing Zimbabwe to inform and inspire our campaigners.


Zimbabwe Update: Issue 1:2017

Among other issues, this edition of the Zimbabwe Update focuses on: President Mugabe and the 2018 elections; The Zimbabwe Vigilís petition for a UN Transitional Authority; EU engagement with Zimbabwe; Whether the economic situation will decline further; Flooding that has now killed well over two hundred.


Zimbabwe Update: Issue 3:2016

This edition of the Zimbabwe Update looks at opposition supporters under attack from Zanu PF youth and police, the Zimbabwe African Peopleís Union joining the Coalition of Democrats, an article by the British Ambassador to Zimbabwe, the launch of a national poverty reduction strategy and how the hunger crisis is affecting childrenís education.

Zimbabwe Update: Issue 2:2016
Among other issues, this edition of the Zimbabwe Update focuses on: the formation of a coalition of opposition parties; an update on the enforced disappearance of Itai Dzamara; the US Ambassadorís call for political reforms and how homophobia is preventing access to HIV services.
Zimbabwe Update: Issue 1:2016
The first Zimbabwe Update of 2016 focuses on: the response of Zanu-PF and MDC-T to People First; controversies over voter registration; an update on the enforced disappearance of Itai Dzamara and the food security crisis.

Zimbabwe Update: Issue 2 2015
This edition of the Zimbabwe Update focuses on: the consequences of former Vice President Joice Mujuruís re-entry into national politics; threats against legislators; repression of freedom of expression; new research by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition and Zimbabwe Democracy Institute; how multilateral donors may re-commence lending to the country; and new trends following the highly controversial land reform programme.

Zimbabwe Update: Issue 1 2015
This edition of the Zimbabwe Update focuses on the ongoing struggle for the leadership of Zanu PF, the merger of two of the three MDC parties, and the release of the 2002 Khampepe Report in South Africa, concluding that the elections cannot be considered free and fair. It also covers the resumption of EU government to government aid, the latest UK trade delegation to Zimbabwe, the establishment of the Zimbabwe Reconstruction Fund, the abduction and beatings of human rights activists and protestors, the bulldozing of hundreds of homes near Harare and heavy rains cause flooding in many areas. 

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