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Angola Monitor
ACTSA has published regular updated on news from Angola since the mid 1990s.

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Issue 1:2018
Angola Monitor (English) - Issue 1:2018

O Monitor de Angola (Portuguese) - Issue 1:2018

Issue 4:2017
Angola Monitor (English) - Issue 4:2017

O Monitor de Angola (Portuguese) - Issue 4:2017

Issue 3:2017
Angola Monitor (English) - Issue 3:2017

O Monitor de Angola (Portuguese) - Issue 3:2017

Issue 2:2017
Angola Monitor (English) - Issue 2:2017

O Monitor de Angola (Portuguese) - Issue 2:2017

Issue 1:2017

Angola Monitor (English) - Issue 1:2017

O Monitor de Angola (Portuguese) No. 1:2017

Issue 4:2016

Angola Monitor (English) - Issue 4:2016

O Monitor de Angola (Portuguese) No. 4:2016

Issue 3:2016

Angola Monitor (English) - Issue 3:2016

O Monitor de Angola (Portuguese) No. 3:2016

Issue 2:2016

Angola Monitor (English) - Issue 2:2016

O Monitor de Angola (Portuguese) No. 2:2016

Issue 1:2016

Angola Monitor (English) - Issue 1:2016

O Monitor de Angola (Portuguese) No. 1:2016

Issue 4/2015

Angola Monitor (English) - Issue 4/2015

O Monitor de Angola (Portuguese) No. 4/2015

Issue 3/2015
Angola Monitor (English) - Issue 3/2015

O Monitor de Angola (Portuguese) No. 3/2015

Issue 2/2015

Angola Monitor (English) - Issue 2/2015

O Monitor de Angola (Portuguese) No. 2/2015

Issue 1/2015

Angola Monitor (English) - Issue 1/2015
O Monitor de Angola (Portuguese) - No. 1/2015
The Angola Monitor follows the progress of peace, stability, development and human rights in the country as it struggles to overcome the legacy of nearly three decades of war. Since the first multi-party elections in 1992, we have been monitoring the progress of democracy and peace in the region.
The Monitor is produced in English and Portuguese. You can subscribe to the Angola Monitor and get it sent direct to your inbox four times a year. Or alternatively you can download the latest edition above.
Angola: a land of economic and social contrasts after ten years of peace
By Luís Samacumbi, Director of the Department of Social Assistance, Studies and Projects (DASEP) of the Evangelical Congregational

Since 2009 the Angola Monitor has been published on a quarterly basis, in electronic form only. For back-dated issues please contact us at

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