ACTSA – Action for Southern Africa Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Justice for Southern African Gold Miners
Over two decades into democracy, thousands of ex-gold miners are suffering from silicosis without the compensation, testing and care they need. We are calling on Anglo American and all the companies that made their fortunes from apartheid gold to pay up now.

Under apartheid, mining was South Africa's biggest industry. Hundreds of thousands of miners worked underground in appalling conditions, digging for gold. Production levels were high, and profits were prioritised over the safety of its workers. Black miners undertook the dustiest jobs, and protective measures were often not provided.
Take Action 

Please support our work and those suffering with silicosis by taking to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms with a  link to one of our our campaign videos  

By watching these videos and sharing them with your friends and followers we can raise awareness of silicosis and the responsibility that companies like Anglo American have in ensuring that miners past and present receive justice.
ACTSA has been campaigning for justice for gold miners across Southern Africa since 2012 with our campaign contributing to the historic settlement in March 2016. We have protested outside the High Court, we have attended and spoke at many Anglo American AGMs, we have organised petitions and raised awareness of the miners’ fight for justice. Our campaign would not have been possible without your support. You refused to stand by and allow the mining companies to deny the miners their dignity and justice any longer. On their behalf, thank you.

ACTSA demonstrating outside Anglo American's headquarters 

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