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Women's rights in Swaziland
Women in Swaziland face horrendous levels of discrimination because they are women.

Poverty, high levels of gender based violence, traditional laws that classify women as minors and the failure to implement laws that in theory guarantee rights and equality all contribute to an appalling level of discrimination. Women in Swaziland are treated as second class citizens, as objects and denied the opportunity or resources to advocate for their rights.

ACTSA is working with the Foundation for Socio Economic Justice and the Swaziland Rural Women’s Assembly on a four year project to Improve Women’s Rights in Swaziland. The project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

Thousands of women in rural areas will benefit from a national peer education programme to develop their understanding of their rights and empower them to organise and advocate for their rights on a family, community and national level.
A special programme will be run to improve women’s rights in the textile industry, notorious for discrimination and the denial of rights.

The project will bring women together to meet and discuss their rights and what they need to do to improve them at a series of national and local events. Women will develop a charter of women’s rights which they can use to lobby national politicians and community leaders to support these rights and reform unjust laws that discriminate against women.

The project will tackle discrimination against women in the media by monitoring the portrayal of women and working with journalists to improve this and highlight the challenges women face.

It will help develop women’s groups throughout the country into strong, democratic organisations and develop the leadership skills of women to stand for election in their communities and civil society organisations.

‘Improving women’s rights in Swaziland’ will make a fundamental difference to the lives of Swazi women. The project has been developed in consultation with women’s leaders from all areas of Swaziland.


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