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Compensation not Procrastination

On 4 March 2017, it will be one year since a settlement was reached to provide compensation for up to 4,365 former gold miners suffering from silicosis. We welcomed the settlement, but sadly it is not the comprehensive, industry wide settlement that ACTSA and others have been calling for. There are still tens, possibly hundreds, of thousands of ex-gold miners suffering from silicosis without decent compensation and health care. We need your support to enable us to keep up the fight and get justice for all miners suffering from silicosis.

Please donate as much as you can to stand with the miners and support them in their fight for justice.

The mining companies claimed the settlement of March 2016 was an historic landmark. We have challenged them to accept it as a benchmark and establish a comprehensive industry wide compensation scheme for those with silicosis. Sadly one year on, the mining companies continue to delay justice through the courts, whilst refusing to accept liability for the pain and misery they have inflicted upon thousands of gold miners and their families. Many of these miners will die before justice is ever served, leaving their families destitute and communities decimated.

Following the settlement in March 2016, the South African High Court ruled that a class action on behalf of 30,000 ex-gold miners could go ahead, meaning the miners had the right to sue the mining companies. If this succeeds then as a class action it will establish an industry wide compensation scheme.

Instead of accepting the High Court’s judgment and beginning serious negotiations in good faith, the mining houses appealed and used all their legal might to challenge the decision and delay any settlement. The mining companies say they want a settlement and not protracted litigation yet it is they who decided to appeal. The obvious conclusion is that the mining companies are using delaying tactics to postpone any settlement and for any compensation eventually agreed to be at a derisory amount.   

Please help us keep the pressure on the mining companies. Silicosis sufferers need decent compensation and health care now.

This refusal to take responsibility for their disregard for the lives of mostly black and poor workers over decades is a disgrace. It seems that the legacy of apartheid lives on in the denials of these mining companies. 

Our campaign is for every single gold miner across Southern Africa suffering from silicosis to receive the compensation and healthcare they deserve. This is not about charity, it is about justice, dignity and rights.

Your support makes a real difference. Please give what you can afford. Thank you.

Mankazana Madulwini, 64.

“The mine finished me. My chest is in constant pain and walking has become difficult. Every step feels like I am climbing a steep hill. I am dying.” 

Please dig deep for miners like Mankazana and help them achieve justice before it’s too late.



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