ACTSA – Action for Southern Africa Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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ACTSA speaks louder than words

2016 has been a busy year for ACTSA. There was a significant breakthrough in our campaign for justice for the thousands of ex-gold miners suffering from silicosis; our ‘Improving Women’s Rights in Swaziland’ project helped empower over 23,000 Swazi women over four years; we highlighted the need for rights, especially women’s rights, in in Swaziland with two well-received papers; and we called on the UN Human Rights Council to tackle human rights abuses in Zimbabwe in an influential submission.

Without you, we simply could not have achieved so much. ACTSA is small but makes a big impact doing distinctive work and taking up issues and campaigns that others don’t. Your support makes a real difference. Thank you.

The struggle for justice goes on

Our justice for the tens of thousands of former gold miners with silicosis campaign contributed to a significant breakthrough, a landmark settlement for 4,365 former gold miners. Welcome news but not enough. All those ex-gold miners with silicosis need and deserve decent health care and compensation. We continue to demand the mining companies should provide this.

Improving women’s lives across Southern Africa

Over the last four years, the women’s rights project in Swaziland we have supported has helped empower 23,967 Swazi women with better knowledge of their rights and helped increase their own self-esteem. 

We published a briefing paper that looks at the dire situation for women in Swaziland; the issues that need to be addressed for there to be gender equality in the country; and the growing women’s movement helping to change attitudes in the country. 

Our Dignity Period campaign has continued to support women in Zimbabwe with safe and hygienic sanitary protection. Since 2005, we have delivered over 7 million sanitary products to help give those women their dignity back. With your support, we can help women across Southern Africa improve their lives.

You can help end Swaziland’s downward spiral

Thanks to you, our campaign for human rights and development in Swaziland made a real impact in 2016. Our paper asking the international community to call on the Swazi government to live up to the commitments it has made and respect the rights of its citizens gathered attention at senior levels of government in the UK. Our ‘Stories from Swaziland’ exhibition raised awareness of the situation in Swaziland in the House of Commons and other venues across the UK. On Swaziland’s Independence Day we delivered around 500 action cards, signed by you, to the Commonwealth Secretariat calling on the Commonwealth to take action on Swaziland’s persistent human rights violations. Thank you for helping us to give a voice to the people of Swaziland in their fight for human rights.

We have done a lot in 2016 and are proud of our achievements. We know it is not enough but it is making a difference. With your support, we can continue striving for human rights, the eradication of poverty and discrimination and achieve sustainable development across Southern Africa.

We can only carry out this vital work with your support, so I ask, if you can, please donate today. Your support makes a real difference.

Thank you.

ACTSA hands in signed action cards to Dr Josephine Ojiambo, Deputy Secretary-General of the Commonwealth.

Our women's rights project helped the Swaziland Rural Women's Assembly (SRWA) empower over 23,000 Swazi women.

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