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Swaziland: The Most Unequal Country in the World

This year Swaziland was named the most unequal country in the world in terms of income distribution. 63% of the population are living in poverty, whilst the King continues to exploit the nation to secure his life of luxury. Those who protest are harassed, threatened, imprisoned and even allegedly tortured, but the international response continues to be underwhelming. More must be done.

Please donate £30 or whatever you can afford to help us fight for human rights, democracy and the eradication of poverty in Swaziland

ACTSA is one of the few organisations that campaigns for human rights, gender equity and reducing poverty in Swaziland. This is much appreciated by people and organisations in Swaziland and our work has been recognised in the UK, South African and Swazi media, but we need your support now to continue, increase and improve this work. It is time to take action.

The King is blocking political and social equality too. ACTSA’s project to improve women’s rights helped empower over 18,400 women across the country but sadly there is still a long way to go. There are currently no laws criminalising domestic violence, marital rape, or early or forced marriage and the King’s advisers argue that such laws may undermine Swazi culture. No society should be allowed to permit violence against women on the grounds of ‘culture’, yet the international community has once again been disappointingly quiet. More needs to be done now.

With your support we will:

  • Bring an activist from Swaziland to the UK to build support for human rights, gender equity and poverty reduction in the country.

  • Inform and advocate to British and European parliamentarians so that they call on the UK government and European Union to do more on human rights violations and corruption in Swaziland.

  • Build international pressure on the Government of Swaziland to live up to the commitments it has made to end discrimination and violence against women, including by enacting the much-delayed Sexual Offences Bill.

  • Use the 2018 Commonwealth Summit in London in April 2018 to highlight the situation in Swaziland and ask the Commonwealth to do more to respond to the crisis in Swaziland and that country’s failure to live up to the Commonwealth Charter which it has signed.

On the 6th of September Swaziland marked almost half a century of independence from the UK. It is a joyous occasion to celebrate nearly 50 years free from colonialism, but under the King’s autocratic rule there is little else to celebrate.

Together we can change that, thank you for your support.

The response of the international community to the plight of the Swazi people has been underwhelming and unacceptable. Your donation will help us campaign for the international community to do more in support of the Swazi people.

The Swazi economy is shrivelling under the demands of the King’s impulsive fancies:In July 2016, Mswati spent £850,000 sending his wives and entourage of more than 100 people on holiday to Florida, when at least 350,000 Swazis needed urgent food assistance and the country continues to experience the world’s highest HIV prevalence.

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